Contingency Recruitment: Things You Need to Know About

Contingency recruiting refers to the style of the candidate search. A recruiting or executive search firm is paid a fee only after it has found an appropriate candidate for a specific position. Contingency recruiting differs from other types of head-hunting in which recruiting firms are paid a flat fee by companies based on retainer or paid by job seekers themselves. Contingency recruiting firms must possess the ability to conduct in-depth searches across a wide variety of professional realms to find excellent candidates for their clients to develop their business.

You must research in today’s environment and choose what model is ideal for your Staffing company. You cannot make judgments solely on a hunch; that is why in-depth knowledge is required. It might take a long time to investigate all of these new things, especially if this is a whole new field of work for you, so we decided to make it easier.

Contingency Search, Retained Search, Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Executive Search are the four primary recruitment types. 

What is Contingency Recruiting?

Contingency recruiting is a type of outsourced recruiting service wherein the recruiter gets paid only for the successful hires they do for the company.

Contingency recruitment is simple. If the recruiter does not supply the ‘winning’ candidate, then they don’t get paid.

In simple terms, the client pays the recruiting firm only when the candidate they offered for selection gets the job. It is a “no placement, no fee” arrangement between the client and the contingency recruiting firm.

How does a contingency recruiting firm work?

The Contingency Recruiting Firm is not involved in an exclusive agreement with the hiring company to hire candidates for that one client alone. Neither is the client bound by any agreement to seek the consultancy services only from a particular contingency recruiting firm. Therefore, the client can avail of the benefits of many contingency recruiting firms simultaneously to achieve their hiring objectives. Similarly, the contingency firm also works for multiple clients simultaneously.

The typical workflow of a contingency firm is as follows:

  • The hiring client gives a clear description of the open position to the contingency agency.
  • The agency and the client reach a consensus on a particular fee and service period for every successful recruitment.
  • The agency then begins its sourcing using its extensive network of databases, advertising, and referrals to find the right candidate for the job position.
  • When the agency finds the right candidate, they perform the initial screening to ensure that they are the best fit for the role. Once approved, they submit the candidate application to the hiring client.
  • The client or the employer will then conduct their in-house round of interviews. If the candidate succeeds in these rounds, they are selected for the job.
  • The employer makes an offer to the candidate.
  • If the candidate accepts the offer and completes a specific service period with the company, the employer then pays the contingency agency the pre-decided fee.

Contingency recruiters may work for a specific industry to fill up skilled positions or work in multiple industries. They put considerable time and effort into gauging the client’s work culture to provide an experienced culture fit candidate.

Is Contingency Recruitment Right for Your Position?

Companies hire contingent recruiters that they believe can help them find the desired talent. They choose people they like to work with and people who get results. Contingency recruiters tend to be proactive and have very strong sales skills. Relative to Retained Recruiters, they may be able to put forth more candidates in a shorter timeframe. They excel at finding the right talent for hard-to-fill positions.

Throughout the hiring process, the client must be responsive. They have to work with the recruiter. Otherwise, the risk is that the recruiter will move on to another vacancy or client where they believe they can get more straightforward momentum. Slow replies are red flags in a candidate-driven market. Long and drawn-out hiring processes are wrong too.

What to Look for in a Contingency Recruitment

An ideal contingency recruiter-

  • Builds trust with honesty: Recruiters must build trust with both clients and candidates to make the right match.
  • Is willing to do the homework: A contingency recruitment agency will represent the client in the job market. Everything the recruiters do and say reflects the company’s brand. This means they should learn about the current team and where their actual needs lie.
  • Treats people with respect: Recruiters build relationships and leave lasting impressions upon candidates. Your recruiter should provide candidates with a great experience on behalf of each client.
  • Uses data and tech: Good recruiters use the latest tech tools to serve their clients and candidates. Applicant tracking and communication systems engage candidates. Strong data collection and analysis are important too.

Final Thoughts

Companies prefer to acquire qualified individuals through recruiting firms since the complete recruitment process may be stressful and exhausting. They want to focus on operating the firm and being stress-free rather than being overburdened with too many responsibilities at once. These agencies assist in searching for people who can identify and meet the company’s current and future needs. A good applicant increases the firm’s productivity and enhances the morale of those who work with them. Therefore, it is critical to employ qualified people for the right position.

Working with a recruiter can be your greatest asset. They can help track down the best of the best to join your team. Contact our team to learn more about our contingency recruitment services. 

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