Everything You Need to Know About Temp-to-Hire Jobs

You’re sure to regularly come across the terms “temporary” and “temp-to-hire” if you’re looking for a job. But what do they imply, and how can you know which is the perfect fit for you, just like a home of your dream job!

This form of work is often known as seasonal employment, such as working at a retail store during the Christmas season or at a pool during the summer. Temps, contract, interim, outsourced, and freelance are other terms you could hear.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we’ll get to the bottom of how temp-to-hire positions work and how they might benefit you in this blog.

What Does Temp-to-Hire Mean?

A temp-to-hire arrangement is when a company hires a temporary worker, usually through a leading staffing company, and then has the option of offering them a permanent position once the temp contract expires.

How Does Temp-to-Hire Work?

Temporary periods can vary in length, but they are usually longer (3-6 months). This enables the company to assess a worker’s abilities, habits, and work ethic.

Consider a temp-to-hire job to be a probationary period for a new employee. The main difference is that temp-to-hire employees are not on the company payroll until they are employed for a full-time role. This also means that the staffing agency is in charge of the workers’ benefits and wages during this time.

The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire (for Employee):

Even if you’re looking for long-term employment, you should be aware of the many benefits of working a temporary job before rejecting it. Here are a few examples:

  • Great Way to Start: Many people select temp work to the network when starting in a new field. Not only that, but working for a temp agency introduces you to people from different walks of life, opening doors to options you would not have considered before.
  • Flexibility: Working with a temp agency allows you to prepare ahead of time as long as you keep clear communication with them about it. You can tell them how long you want to take a break, and they’ll let you know what openings are available when you’re ready to return to work. The most important thing here is to stay in touch with your agency to let them know you’re still committed.
  • Build Skillset: You will expand your skillset with each temporary position you work in. Your temp agency will also assist you in putting these experiences together into an attractive resume. When the time comes, and if you so choose, you might submit that resume to a company that demands further qualifications (and, in turn, provides higher pay).
  • Helps You Gain Experience: Working for a company for a temporary period allows you to test the waters and see if this is the right line of work for you. You can get a feel for the job without committing long-term.
  • Build Relationship: Even if you’ve only committed to work for the organization temporarily, this could be an opportunity to form a bond. If your tenure with the company has been fruitful, they may not want to let you go. When that time arrives, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you want to participate.

The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire (for Employer):

Temp-to-hire has many benefits when it comes to attracting top talent and getting work done:

  • Evaluate Hiring Decision: Having to make hiring decisions can be nerve-wracking. Bad hires may be costly to your company and harmful to the people who work with them. However, if you take the time to analyze a person’s performance and fit with your company culture, you’ll be able to see if they’d be a good long-term match.
  • Avoid the Cost of Turnover: You reduce turnover costs by creating better placements. That’s all there is to it! Temp-to-hire employees allow you time to make the best option for your business while also helping you save money.
  • Gain Expert Worker: Temporary workers come with a wide variety of experience, from entry-level to professional, and they may be found in almost any industry. You don’t have to be concerned if your temp lacks the necessary qualifications.
  • Find Committed Employee: Temps work just as hard as full-time employees. This is especially true in temp-to-hire scenarios when doing a brilliant job might lead to a full-time, permanent employment offer. Plus, if they’re a good fit for your organization, they’ll be in a position to succeed.
  • Flexibility: A temp-to-hire employee could fill a staffing gap for a limited time. You may efficiently staff up to satisfy a requirement (seasonal or project-based, for example) and then revert to your previous personnel level as necessary. You are not obligated to hire a full-time employee, which allows you to be more flexible with your workforce balance.
  • Save on Employee Costs: When a temp begins working for you, the worker is technically an employee of the staffing agency. This means that the agency charges benefits, recruiting, hiring, and screening. There is no need to mention that they charge payroll, unemployment compensation, and taxes. So, if the person decides not to work out, you will save time and money on all of these expenses.


Though temporary work isn’t always the most desirable type of flexible work, it can be a good option for people who desire a consistent schedule without committing to a full-time job.

Rekrooting, a staffing agency in the USA, specializes in offering qualified temp workers to organizations. We have several possibilities for you, and we’ll help you prepare for any adventure you’re ready to go on.

If you have any questions, please contact us right away!

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