How to Create the Best Job Descriptions in 7 Simple Steps

A job description (JD) is the initial impression you make on a prospective employee. Inclusions, overcoming explicit and unconscious prejudice, engaging and pushing the candidate to act immediately are all important aspects of crafting a flawless job description. Just by mastering the skill of creating the finest JDs will be able to develop an extraordinary talent pipeline.

Here are three essential elements of a successful job description:

  • Describes the role’s reality
  • A showcase of the culture of the organization
  • A little promotion for the firm

In essence, a job description is utilized for several purposes, beginning with the most obvious: recruitment, setting compensation ranges, creating job goals, job titles, and so on.

How Do You Compose A Job Description In 7 Simple Steps?

It is critical to developing a job description that represents a candidate’s tasks and responsibilities before advertising a position for your customer.

1. Drop Ninja and Guru in Favor of More Valuable Job Titles

Certainly, we all believe that ninja, wizard, and rockstar sound fantastic, but don’t use them in your job title. Your client’s firm may have a laid-back startup attitude, but trust us when we say that creating job names around these Uber cool phrases will not help your job advertisement perform well at all. The job seeker would hunt for positions that fit their credentials and talents. As a result, an SEO Guru may not be as effective as a simple SEO Specialist.

The main guideline to follow here is that you require potential applicants to locate and apply for your vacant position. Creativity is wonderful, but it should not be the main reason you are losing out on candidates. Make keyword-rich job names and avoid anything that might mislead a job seeker.

2. Write a brief yet interesting job description

The next step is to provide an outline of your job posting. We’ve seen overviews that are two to three paragraphs lengthy as well as two lines long. The secret to crafting an effective job overview lies behind creativity, not in its length. The job summary should be relevant, professional, clear, and factual. According to the Built-In study, 68.57 per cent of their sampled job descriptions included a business description, while 31.43 percent did not have any. The solution is straightforward. Spend a few minutes writing about your firm and how this available position might help our company or society in general. How would this position help to improve people’s lives? Is this a contract or temporary position? Everything should be properly stated. There will be no guessing.

3. Avoid jargon

Before you post your JD, double-check to see whether you’ve included any jargon that candidates may not understand or find intimidating at first. Job descriptions should be brief and devoid of jargon to sell the best.

Take, for example, the following example:

We are seeking for a Content Guru to assist us to get out of the content rut wherein by writing well-researched, keyword-optimized pieces, maintaining our official blogs, and collaborating closely with our SEO Wizard.

Rather than writing all of that, here’s something quick and simple:

We are seeking for a Content Specialist to produce well-researched articles about our topic, manage our blogs, and collaborate with our SEO Specialist.

4. Market Your Company and Job

It is not an easy undertaking to persuade someone to leave their present work and join another firm. Recruiters labor around the clock to make this happen.

Moreover, having job description templates combined with the wage package, highlighting the advantages and perks, would be the first step in this direction. You must describe how this job will help the firm develop, impact its culture, help the employer’s career path, and so on.

Should not just include a laundry list of everyday duties and credentials you seek. Make it exciting. Explain how his/her job will contribute to the company’s overall business goals. Finally, you want the candidates to feel enthusiastic about the firm to which they are applying.

5. Do not Expect Too Much

If you ask too many questions, you will quickly turn off the applicant. Unrealistic expectations, over-the-top credentials, and including criteria that are not required for the position are just a few of the reasons your job advertisement is not working efficiently. We think that differentiating between good-to-have and must-have abilities is critical. Being upbeat and concentrating on your candidate experience and employer brand can help you attract great prospects.

6. Don’t Forget About the Perks and Benefits

It is indeed fine to be mysterious, but concentrating on mystery and neglecting to disclose the company’s key rewards and benefits might be disastrous. In addition to detailing the responsibilities, discuss the leave policy, workplace bonuses, yearly paid leaves, vacation plans, health insurance, and employee stock options, among other things. Fine-tune your job description by writing briefly about your inclusive business culture because most candidates would just glance through the description. The quicker you can get their attention, the better outcome you get.

7. Put a Stop to Biases

According to the United Nations’ gender study report, there is no such thing as a country with gender equality. Almost half of the males stated that they’d have a greater right to a job than women. You would probably be wondering how job descriptions fit into this. Sure, let’s just go right to the point—

Any gender discrimination stems from a confluence of societal influences and manifests itself both deliberately and unconsciously throughout the recruiting process.

Recruiters must avoid using gender-biased terms in job descriptions such as ninja, superhero, hacker, and so on, double-check the pronouns used, avoid strong language such as ‘go grab it, crush it, smash it,’ and avoid superlatives. Employ tools like Textio, an enhanced writing platform that detects gender-biased phrases and assists you in promoting an effective job description.

When you have completed your writing, have it reviewed by your hiring manager to determine if any substantial adjustments need to be made.

Final Thoughts

When you have completed your writing, have it reviewed by your hiring manager to determine if any substantial adjustments need to be made.

We all recognize the significance of hiring, but too frequently, we overlook the fact that job description is where we create our initial impression. We must not allow the need to fill an available job to lead to phrasing that seems lazy, selfish, overused, or out-of-touch.

At last, if you fill short of ideas how to create an attractive JD, connect with us and let us do this on your behalf. We not just create finniest JD but also help you find the best talents suitable to your industry needs. Whether you are looking for Technology Talents, Contract Staffing, or others, we can do these all for you. We can do that well. Create job listings for the finest people, and the best will find you.

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