How to Enhance your Recruitment Process

We break down the three business cycles of recruiting firms and demonstrate how each cycle can be optimized at each stage of the process with automation. In addition, as part of your entire company plan, we will show you how these cycles may be connected.

What is the Cycle of Recruitment?

“The exact procedure and procedures a recruiter takes to understand, promote, and employ the most appropriate applicant for a customer.”

But your recruiting cycle is a bit more challenging than advertising a job. Sometimes, this may happen, but recruitment generally takes a little more preparation… And could propose automation?

Let’s break down the hiring cycle and identify where we can automate process stages and save your hirers time.

Management of pipelines

A recently issued research claimed that 94% of recruitment firms, as well as HR experts, claimed the most effective recruitment process while utilizing their ATS.

You would like to ensure, in addition to maintaining your hot applicants throughout your ATS and recruiting process, that you have correctly categorized and searchable leads later on. But for data input and the uploading of summaries, you must not make sure your employees stay late. This is the goal of automation!


After an order reaches the desk of the recruiter it is time for some preparation and investigation particularly if it is a new customer. Recruiters must work with salespersons and collect as much background information as possible before contacting the customer/supervisor.

It’s an excellent time to prepare for your new job campaign. This should be a very common procedure that your entire organization shares and optimizes. This might be as easy as a checklist or as advanced as a fully automated event chain. Make sure your recruiters are armed with the resources they need to avoid the “process” becoming a post-employment wait-to-application-inbox.

Contact the customer

This may be a call or even an individual visit, depending on the sector and the work. Take the opportunity to ask the customer the correct questions and acquire all the information you need to attract and discover the perfect candidate.

Describe the job.

This is perhaps the biggest stage in the recruitment process. This job description should be utilized to make your position attractive and optimized for search engines for human readers, whether it the all-powerful Google or a keyword search engine on the favoured job board for your agency.

Candidates Source

Typically, your website, work forums, Google social networks, and your own ATS are provided by email, texts, and calls. Any lead is fantastic unless it is completely unqualified and costs your organization hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, you must ensure that the source of your leads, your placement rate of each source, and the total placement cost of the source are tracked. See what works for your age and see what the bottom line is for your agency. By doing this, the optimal procurement strategy of your agency becomes a piece of cake.

Together with your marketing team and management, get your most efficient recruiter in hand. Please spend many hours strategizing to discover the most successful supply channels, connections, and times. The automated flow then standardizes and optimizes. Each person loves additional time back in the day, and you. Everybody likes the additional time back in the day, and each time their applicants enjoy knowing what they may expect from their brand.

Applicants for qualification and screening

Qualifying candidates for the recruiting cycle is a very essential aspect. It guarantees that your recipients don’t waste time and chat with non-fit prospects. To assist automate portions of this phase, we recommend utilizing surveys. After the basic qualifying is completed, the employee has more time to delve into the candidate and go over the job as well as the ambitions, dreams, and anxieties of the applicant.

Customer interviews schedule

This process may save you a lot of time from organizing schedules to providing your candidates the relevant information. With HR Apps, many of these communication stages may be automated throughout your recruiting cycle. This guarantees you have all the information you need while you experience them better and reduce the number of occurrences.

Extra credits: If a candidate is rejected during a client’s interview, keep them committed and more likely to send automatic follow-up emails with next steps to take into consideration and additional work for them.

Onboard and Hire

Finally, the day has here. Your recruiter is notified that your customer hires your candidate. All are glad. Best day of all time. And if you have used the above-mentioned automation, this day comes fast and sooner in your recruiting cycle, meaning that there will be more jobs with the same amount of resources every year. Just make certain that you’re not short onboard – Nothing’s like falling off the finest day ever.


The work is not over after a candidate has been placed for contract staff for most recruiting firms. Uphold that contractor during his task and then, if it is close to ending, start to discuss his future job with them. The reuse of current contractors is a straightforward means of gaining more value from applicants and creating a top-class experience for contractors who probably want to continue working. The redeployment procedure can even be automated.


Increasing demand on recruitment firms to have a well-conceived recruiting cycle is being put on with more prospects falling into a class of passive or newly apprised modern candidates than active job seekers. It’s not the duty of one individual. It needs recruiting, sales, and marketing teams to collaborate.

You have to work together to provide a seamless and amazing experience for both your candidates and customers and your employer of all the overlap procedures, communications, and automation.

In doing so, we expect that your recruiting cycle is more defined and optimized and that automation may be used to improve, speed up and strengthen it.

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