Recruitment Agencies Business Strategy in the event of COVID-19 Pandemic

It is safe to say that the previous month and a half has been unlike anything we have ever encountered. Many firms have acclimated to their new distant offices, and recruiting agencies are beginning to settle into the new standard of working under social distancing norms. So, now that your staff is set up to operate remotely, it is time to think about how you will modify your agency’s internal and external business strategy to ride out the storm.

It is apparent that all of our recruiting executives‘ business strategies change every week, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Agencies must devise distinct plans for their permanent and contract companies, as well as rapidly identify the areas in which they specialize that are performing well vs. those that are not. Some are even creating distinct strategies for certain consultants based on their job or degree of seniority. Doesn’t it seem a little puzzling? The following are the major topics that we discovered at the most recent virtual round table session:

Spend on Training

The session’s first major takeaway is that now is a great moment to spend on training and upskilling consultants. With fewer experts available, it’s a wonderful time to crowdsource training topics, allowing individual team members to lead a training session for their team and truly own the module. We established a weekly one-hour Lunch and Learn session calendar, which has provided an excellent chance for our team members to develop L&D modules based on their skills and experiences, that they have then given to all workers via remote sessions.” Even stated that it is critical to use this period to invest in consultants’ training and development for them to “come out the other side with a sense of achievement and that they did something throughout this odd time.”

Help Team Stay Motivated, Mentally Strong

Working remotely may have a negative influence on the mental health of many people who either live alone or rely on the passion of those who work around them. Many of the agency heads mentioned holding daily group catch-ups with their teams throughout the session. Morning team meetings to discuss work-related goals for the day were popular, as were evening catch-ups to interact on a social level.

Many companies explained how they have now transitioned to a four-day workweek or a nine-day fortnight. If your company is transitioning to this new working paradigm, it is recommended that you particularly urge all workers to create clear and defined working hours. It may be tough to separate work and home life, when they are not physically separated, so checking up as a team at the start and end of each day, can help build those definitions. It stressed the need of investing back into your workforce from a mental health standpoint at this time and reinforcing it with a clear connection to a relevant organization.

Recognize and Reward Their Achievement

‘As the novelty of working from home wears off, how do you keep your team engaged and continue to generate a sense of achievement?’ said one of the group members. We examined what is truly lacking in people’s lives and discovered that it is a sense of accomplishment; as recruiters, this is in our DNA, and not having it may leave individuals feeling dissatisfied.

Helping teams create daily goals and objectives, such as achieving anything from speaking to 10 customers per day, database clean-ups, candidate calls, or simply basic stuff you can check off during the day to provide a sense of accomplishment and worth. Communicating daily highlights and appreciating both major and little successes were also highlighted. It is suggested, every day we reflect on what are the key things we got out of the day and what we are thankful for.

Focus on Talent Pooling

Rekrooting analyzed the industry at the end of last year before COVID-19 to create the GRID report. What are the biggest hiring difficulties for the APAC sector in 2020? Eighty percent of those polled said there was a skills deficit. This was followed by a question on what your top overall difficulties for 2020 are. Again, one of the top three replies was “skills shortage.”

Now is an excellent moment to challenge your consultants to focus on talent pooling, moving teams’ attention away from sourcing solid candidates. Now is the moment to invest in your prospects; if you do, you will be able to come out on top.

Reflecting on External Strategy

For entrepreneurs, this is a good time to reflect on your company, look at where it has and hasn’t been successful in the past, and plan how you want to emerge at the end of this odd era. It’s a chance to think about strategy in a way that we haven’t had time to do previously. We will emerge from this more resilient than before, and this will allow us to concentrate on where and how we can focus on getting the best results.

Such talks should not be restricted to the agency operators alone. It is an excellent chance to include other company executives or potential superstars in these strategic talks. It is an excellent opportunity to obtain a 360-degree assessment of your agency and the industry as a whole.

Cold calling has long been an important part of a recruiter’s work, but will this behaviour be enough in today’s environment? The committee quickly agreed that this type of exploration should be avoided for the time being. Right now, the only discussions consultants should be having are sympathetic ones that provide customers value and industry expertise. It is indeed a chance to give back to clients and help them in their moment esteem needs.

The Final Say

Whilst adjusting your company strategy in this present climate is not a one-size-fits-all approach, now is a good moment to try new tactics, invest in your employees, provide assistance to your clients, and strive to rise as a strengthened, more robust recruiting agency.

Staffing firms are definitely taking measures to wisely modify their strategies and operations to suit the new, changing recruiting demands of today’s pandemic economy as we carefully go forward over the next 12-24 months.

We at Rekrooting are here to assist you. Our specialist team of staffing professionals and services are committed to assisting you in filling more positions rapidly, allowing you to develop your business and, eventually, your bottom line.

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